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Waiting List:

Please keep in mind that we usually only have a couple of litters per year and our puppies are always in high demand... therefore, we've decided to make some changes to our Waiting List system.

Up until now, we've been listing our planned litter combinations (for each year) on our website and then placing applicants on separate waiting lists for each planned litter combination, in advance. The problem is that screening/corresponding with so many applicants is incredibly time-consuming (time which could be spent with our puppies, or hiking with our adult dogs, or family time). Furthermore, I've since come to the conclusion that placing suitable applicants on a particular waiting list for a specific combination, far in advance, is actually counterproductive. This is because by the time pregnancy is confirmed, often there are other (unexpected) life circumstances to take into consideration in the meantime: new job/work schedule, changes in family life (divorce, pregnancy, new baby, etc), unforeseen financial issues, etc. So, many people on the waiting list then decide to wait for a future litter instead, which means that we then have to start the screening process all over again for brand-new applicants, after already turning away multiple potential applications in the meantime due to having a "full" waiting list.

Furthermore, a lot of applicants get fixated on a specific combination, which then may or may not occur due to various factors beyond our control, for instance: if the female decides she does not like the stud dog; or the stud dog owner is not available at the time the female is in heat (away on holiday, work commitments, etc); or for any reason if we are unable to travel at that time (sick children, newborn puppies to tube-feed, etc); or we wait indefinitely for a particular female to come into heat, but she is severely delayed so we then have to adapt our plans accordingly with respect to our other breeding females and their heat cycles/planned matings, etc. These are living, breathing animals and, as such, there are so many potential "what if" factors. Ultimately, nature is always in control, which is why we have to be relatively flexible and adapt our plans accordingly.

This being the case, unlike many other dog breeders, I do not feel comfortable taking deposits in advance and hoarding peoples' hard-earned money for a specific litter combination that might never happen. Moreover, even if a mating does take place for a particular combination, there are no guarantees for a successful pregnancy or something might go wrong during whelping or shortly thereafter (sick puppies, etc)... and, finally, even if everything goes perfectly, it sometimes happens that we end up with a litter of only male puppies or only female puppies (it's rare but it does happen from time to time). The expression "don't count your chickens until they hatch" is very appropriate here. Every year we plan to have around 5 unique litters in total; however, due to bad luck, etc some years we might only have one litter (2016) or two litters (2018). So, just because we have 5 litters planned for a particular year doesn't necessarily mean we will have 5 litters born that year!

Therefore, I only feel comfortable accepting deposits AFTER the puppies are born, once we know how many puppies there are in total, and the ratio of males vs females, and their coat colors, etc. However, the current system is not working because we have too many people "camping out" on our waiting list until the timing suits them best (as the case should be) when we already have live puppies born, and deciding to back out/wait for our next litter instead, which is (of course) already "full" with 12+ people (who may or may not be serious, or ready, themselves). So we've been deliberating a lot to try to come up with a fair system that works best for everyone. On the one hand, I don't like to go ahead with a mating combination without having a full waiting list in advance but having a "full" waiting list (of 10+ people for that particular combination) is also somewhat deceptive if 50-75% of the people on that waiting list aren't actually ready to commit at the time when the puppies are born.

So, from now on, we will focus on one litter at a time... we will not announce our future plans anymore, nor accept anyone on our waiting list for months/years in advance. Instead, we will wait until pregnancy is confirmed and then make a public announcement for that specific combination, and ONLY then will we start accepting new applications (serious inquiries only) for that particular litter combination. Of course, it means that we will suddenly be flooded with applications every time we make a public announcement about an upcoming litter; however, it also means that we can be very selective to ensure each puppy gets the best possible home.

Of course, priority will always be given to people who already have a Sylvaen Tamaskan. After that, priority will be based on location.... due to the particular import laws for each country (specifically, minimum age requirements) priority will be given to homes in specific countries. It's likely that we may not have enough puppies to go around for everyone who wants one. However, rarely, we may have puppies available if someone on the waiting list (who has already paid a deposit to reserve a puppy) then has to back out due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control... in which case, the available puppy will then be offered to those further down on the waiting list (in order of priority) who were unable to reserve a puppy as soon as they were born. If no one on the waiting list is interested, then we will make a public announcement.