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Our puppies are all priced at 2000 euros each. Our price is the same regardless if you want a family pet or a potential breeding dog. The purchase price covers our costs that are associated with whelping and raising each litter: stud fee for the Stud Dog Owner; costs associated with driving to the stud dog and overnight accommodation; costs associated with pregnancy and whelping (progesterone testing, ultrasound scan to confirm pregnancy, x-ray to count puppies, special pregnancy diet and vitamins, etc); costs associated with raising the litter (puppy food, cleaning products, utility bills, vet bills, DNA testing, microchips, vaccinations, etc).

In addition to microchip, puppy vaccinations and pet passport, our puppies are all DNA profiled via Neogen GeneSeek (AKC markers) and DNA tested via MyDogDNA (Genoscoper) before they go to their new homes. Our puppies also come with a health guarantee and their personal puppy portfolio, which includes copies of their parents' official health certificates (hips, elbows, eyes, DM, DNA profile, etc).

Please note: transport costs (shipping, travel crate, export documents, etc) and any additional costs associated with long-term / extended stays (over 8+ weeks old) are not included in the purchase price. You can see more info about everything else that is included in the purchase price here!


From 2013-2016, our puppy price was 1500 euros. In 2016, we raised our price to 1800 euros and, in 2017, we raised our price, once more, to 2000 euros. For now, 2000 euros is just enough for us to break even (at the end of the year) with regard to all the work and costs involved (stud fee, DNA testing, DNA profiling, microchips, vaccinations, etc) as well as food and vet bills for our adult dogs.

However, for families who already have a Sylvaen Tamaskan, we have a policy whereby: no matter if we raise our price or when, the purchase price of a second puppy (or third, etc) will always be the same amount as the initial purchase price that each family paid for their first Sylvaen puppy. For instance, if you get a Sylvaen puppy for 2000 euros and then, in 2 years from now, you want to get another Sylvaen puppy: the new puppy will also cost 2000 euros, even if we have since raised our purchase price to (for example) 2500 euros per puppy.


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