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VIXEN (Blustag River Jordan at Sylvaen)

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BORN: 07.07.2006
STATUS: Deceased
DIED: 31.12.2014
MICROCHIP #: 246098100166905



Tamaskan Treffen 2011: 2nd Place (offene Klasse Hündinnen)
Tamaskan Treffen 2010: 3rd Place (offene Klasse Hündinnen)
Tamaskan Dog of the Year 2008: Best Opposite Sex
Tamaskan Dog of the Year 2007: Best Puppy


Vixen was born in Finland and then imported to England. When I first became interested in the Tamaskan breed, I stumbled across her photo on the internet and instantly fell in love. I knew with certainty that I wanted a Tamaskan that looked JUST like her, one day... In spring 2009, as if by fate, she was listed as available for adoption at the age of 3 years old. Of course, I did not hesitate! The fact that she had been raised around cats and rabbits (as well as children) was an additional bonus considering our busy multi-pet household. In autumn 2009, I collected her from Germany and brought her home with me to Croatia.

In spring 2010, we drove with Vixen to the Netherlands to breed her with an outcross sire, Bobbi. However, being a new and inexperienced breeder at that time, we got the timing wrong and we ended up being there too early, by around a week or so. Due to work commitments, we couldn't stay more than a couple of days so we had to drive back empty-handed. We decided that we'd try again on her next heat cycle. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to keep Jasper and Vixen separated once we got back home, they had other ideas. Their unplanned mating resulted in our Firefox litter.

The silver-lining is that we later discovered the possibility that both Bobbi and Vixen were potential carriers of epilepsy and, had they been mated together as originally planned, it could have been a risky combination for potentially producing epileptic offspring. However, the whole scenario was a big learning experience for me so I decided to take a break to do more research and learn as much as I could about dog breeding in the meantime. After 3.5 years, in October 2013, Vixen had her second (final) litter, which was sired by Xantho. Sadly, Vixen passed away on New Years Eve 2014, after failing to respond to intensive veterinary treatment for kidney failure.


10-Gen COI: 0.00%
Wolf Content: 7.01925%
DM: Clear (N/N)
MDR1: Clear (N/N)
vWD: Clear (N/N)
HD: BVA 10 (4:6)
DNA Profile: AKC & ISAG


Vixen is an absolute sweetheart; a real "lap dog" who loves cuddles. She is very loving and easy-mannered, polite and obedient. She does not pull on leash (or in harness) and she is excellent off-leash with perfect recall. She is practically my shadow and will always follow me from room to room. She has no prey drive whatsoever and gets along great with our cats. She is an incredible dog.


HEIGHT: 62cm
WEIGHT: 24kg
COLOR: Red-Grey

- great head shape
- relatively small ears
- short, straight tail

- small overall size (petite)
- short legs
- short muzzle
- dark brown eyes


Colour Locus A = aw/aw (double agouti)
Colour Locus B = B/B (no liver)
Colour Locus E = E/E (no cream)
Colour Locus H = h/h (no harlequin)
Colour Locus K = ky/ky (no black)

Coat length = G/G (short-haired)
Curly coat = C/C (non-curly coat)
Ear erectness = T/T (pointy ears)
Snout/skull length = C/C (elongated head)



SIRE: Jackal (Jackal at Blustag)

(Out of: Oskari X Pauliina)

HD: BVA 12

DM: Clear (N/N)

DAM: Bindi (Blustag Mystic Spirit)

(Out of: Kyte X Paloose)


DM: Unknown (?/?)