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Please note:

Before you place a deposit for a Tamaskan puppy, be sure to check that the breeder is registered with the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR).

The TDR is the official international registry for all authentic Tamaskan Dogs worldwide; it maintains the pedigree database and health records for all purebred Tamaskan Dogs. If the breeder is not TDR registered, your puppy will not be registered with the TDR!

For more information about choosing a breeder, please click HERE. For more information about what to look for (and what to avoid) in a breeder, please visit the Tamaskans Against Puppy Mills website. Thanks!

Purchase of a Sylvaen Tamaskan puppy includes:

  • rear dewclaw removal by licensed veterinarian
  • 4x deworming series (week 2, week 4, week 6, week 8)
  • EU Pet Passport + international microchip
  • first set of core vaccinations (at 7 weeks old)
  • health exam (heart, eyes, etc) at 8 weeks old
  • Health Certificate (signed by licensed veterinarian)
  • Testicle check (for male puppies) by licensed veterinarian
  • Flea & Tick Treatment (Frontline Combo) at 8 weeks old

  • Your puppy's personal Puppy Portfolio:
  • Your puppy's Pedigree Certificate (5 Generations)
  • Your puppy's official TDR Registration Certificate
  • Your puppy's official TDR Ownership Certificate
  • Your puppy's Neogen GeneSeek DNA Profile (AKC markers)
  • Your puppy's Neogen GeneSeek Parentage Analysis
  • Your puppy's MyDogDNA PASS (Genoscoper)
  • Your puppy's DM Certificate (unless "Clear By Parentage")
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's Neogen GeneSeek DNA Profiles
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's DM Certificates
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's Hip Score Certificates
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's Elbow Score Certificates
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's Eye Exam Certificates
  • Sylvaen Puppy Purchase/Ownership Contract

  • Membership in the Sylvaen Owners FB Group
  • Puppy Advice / Tamaskan Care Package
  • Puppy Harness & Leash + Toys + Blanket + Treats
  • lifetime support & advice
Please note: travel crate, transport costs, and shipping documents for international export are not included in the purchase price!

Purchase Process:

Please keep in mind that we usually only have a couple of litters per year and our puppies are always in high demand... we only seek the very best possible homes for our pups.

photo of Sylvaen Tessen Please check out our Future Plans page to see which of our upcoming litters interest you. Once pregnancy has been confirmed, we will make a public Litter Announcement and begin accepting applications for our Waiting List. During the screening process, we will participate in one-on-one video chats via Skype so that we can get to know each other better. Following the Skype chat(s), if you and I are both satisfied, you will be placed on our Waiting List. Shortly after birth, we will contact everyone on our Waiting List to announce the total number of puppies and their sexes, coloring, etc. At this point you will be invited to place a non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy of your chosen sex. Specific puppies are individually allocated once they are several weeks old, with consideration to your preferences.

Over the next few weeks, we will keep you informed of the puppies' progress via our Facebook Page, where we regularly post updates and photos, as well as videos. If you live nearby, you are welcome to visit us at our house in Zagreb, Croatia to see the puppies and their dam in real life, as well as to meet us and the rest of our pack. Once the puppies are 4 weeks old, we begin making transport arrangements for the puppies that will be flying internationally to their new homes around the world. Please note, the remaining balance for your puppy should be on our account by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old: (total price - deposit) + transport costs. At the very latest, the outstanding amount MUST be paid at the time you collect your puppy in person. We do not accept "future payments by installments" (after the pups have gone to their new homes) under any circumstance.

Once the puppies are 8+ weeks old they are ready to start going to their new homes. According to our prior arrangement, you can either collect your puppy in person (by car or plane), or meet us at a designated, mutually convenient, location in Slovenia, Austria, Germany or Italy (etc). Depending on your location, it may even be possible for us to drive (hand-deliver) your puppy directly to your house. Alternatively, your puppy can be shipped to you via international plane cargo, or travel by plane (cargo) while accompanied by a person on board the flight, or (depending on your location) it may even be possible for us to fly with your puppy (accompanied in the passenger cabin) directly to your closest international airport.

image of Caedmon the Tamaskan Service Dog