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Puppy Application Form

Personal Information - (required)

Full Name:
Marital Status:

Please complete the rest of the Puppy Application Form with as much detail as possible (feel free to skip / leave blank any questions that you do not understand or that are not relevant to your application). Thank you!

Background Information

How did you become interested in the Tamaskan breed?

Why do you think a Tamaskan is the right breed for you?

How did you discover Sylvaen Tamaskans?

Puppy Preferences (general)

When would be the ideal time for you to get a Tamaskan puppy?
Within 6 months
Around 6-12 months
1-2 years from now
2+ years from now (please apply closer to the time)

Of our upcoming (listed) Planned Litters, do you have a preference for a particular litter?
If so, which one:

Would you prefer a MALE puppy or a FEMALE puppy?
no preference (either a male puppy or a female puppy is fine)

Which coat color(s) do you prefer? (please tick all that apply)
White/Silver Grey
Wolf Grey
Red Grey
Black Grey
Order of preference:

Are you primarily interested in a Pet Quality puppy or a Breeding Quality puppy?

If you are interested in a Pet Quality puppy, will you neuter/castrate or spay/sterilize your dog?
Yes (at what age?)
No (why not?)

If you are interested in a Breeding Quality female puppy, do you intend to register as a TDR Breeder and to only breed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations set by the TDR?
No (why not)

If you are interested in a Breeding Quality male puppy, do you intend to register him as a TDR Stud Dog if he passes all of the required health tests?
No (why not)

Puppy Preferences (character)

Desired temperament: (please tick all that apply)
Friendly and social
Confident and outgoing
Quiet and reserved
Cuddly and affectionate
Loyal and protective
Gentle and submissive
Calm and laid-back
Active and energetic
Playful and goofy
Intelligent and quick to learn
Listens well and easy to train
Food Motivated
Play Motivated
Good with small children
Good with other dogs
Good with other pets

What are you primarily looking for in a Tamaskan?
(family pet, breeding dog, hiking partner, personal companion, guard dog, etc):

Planned Activities

What activities would you like (or plan) to do with your dog? (please tick all that apply)

Puppy Socialization Puppy Training Course
Basic Obedience Advanced Obedience
Search & Rescue (SAR) Scent Detection (nosework: drugs, explosives, cadaver, etc)
Agility Schutzhund (protection training)
Service Dog (assistance work) Therapy Dog (emotional support)
Photography Shoots (animal model) Film/TV Work (animal actor)
Short/easy walks (around the neighborhood) Play at the local Dog Park
Hiking and long-distance walks Camping and other outdoor activities (hunting & fishing, etc)
Canicross Dog Sledding (mushing)
Bikejoring Scootering


Tamaskan Community Activities

Are you already a member of the International Tamaskan Forum?
Yes (what is your username?)

Are you willing to share photos and updates of your puppy on the International Tamaskan Forum so that we can follow your puppy's progress, read about your experiences and provide advice (if necessary)?
No (why not?)

Are you willing to participate (by periodically uploading photos of your puppy) in the TDR Online Show?
No (why not?)

Would you be willing to attend 'real life' Tamaskan meetings / shows / events (depending on location)?
No (why not?)

Your Living Environment



Do you rent or own your home? Rent Own
If you rent, does your landlord permit dogs? Yes No

Outdoor Space: (please tick all that apply)
Small Balcony
Large Balcony
Small Courtyard

Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No
If yes, how high is the fencing?

Nearby "Dog-Friendly" Areas: (please tick all that apply)
Dog Park
People Park
Nature Park (Forest)
Mountain (Hiking Area)
Grassland (Fields)

Your Dog's Living Conditions

Your dog will spend most of his/her time:
in the house
in a fenced yard
in an outdoor enclosure

How long will your dog normally be left alone each day?
How long will your dog be confined in a crate, separate room, or outdoor enclosure each day?

At night, your dog will sleep:
on your bed
in your bedroom
on a dogbed in a different room
in a crate
in an outdoor enclosure

How often will you walk your dog (and for how long)?
How much time will you spend interacting with your dog each day?

What do you plan to feed your dog?
premium (grain-free) kibble
tinned meat

Children & Other Pets

My household consists of:

# of Adults: # of Teens: # of Children:
# of other Dogs: # of Cats: # of other Pets:
Please specify what other types of pets you own (which species):

My currently owned dogs: (please list name, breed, age, sex, and if neutered/castrated or spayed/sterilized)

My child(ren) is/are aged:
Which family member(s) will have primary responsibility for the dog? (how old are they?)

Past Experience with Dogs

Please briefy explain your past experience with other dogs:

Have you ever given/surrendered a dog to a shelter, rescue, other person, animal control, etc?
Yes (please explain)

Do you already (or have you ever) own(ed) a Tamaskan?
Yes (please elaborate)

Have you ever bred a litter of puppies before?
Yes (please elaborate)

Are you a dog breeder?
Yes (please elaborate)

Do you have experience owning/raising/training arctic breeds, wolfdogs, or German Shepherds?
Yes (please elaborate)



Are you aware of the cost of caring for this puppy?
(vaccinations, regular treatment against parasites, food, toys, training courses, vet bills, etc.)

Do you agree to return your Tamaskan to us should you be unable to continue caring for it?
No (why not?)


Are you willing to provide photos? (of yourself/family, living environment, dog's area, other pets, etc.)

Are you willing to meet with us in real life or to have a home visit? (depending on location)

If it is impossible to meet up in real life (due to location) are you willing to chat with us via Skype?

Why do you feel that your home would be the right choice for one of our Tamaskan puppies?

Any further questions and/or comments:

Thank You!

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