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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a "Tamaskan Dog"?

Which dog breeds went into the creation of the Tamaskan breed?

Does the Tamaskan breed contain wolf content?

What is the Tamaskan breed's temperament like?

What kind of work do you do with your dogs?

Do you do any sport activities with your dogs, like urban mushing, etc? (coming soon!)

Do you participate in dog shows? (coming soon!)

What should I look for in a breeder?

Do you have an application form I can fill out to join your waiting list?

How long is your waiting list? (coming soon!)

Is it possible to reserve a puppy according to coat color? (coming soon!)

Do you export puppies internationally? (coming soon!)

Why do some countries get priority over some other countries? (coming soon!)

Are some countries/climates unsuitable for Tamaskan Dogs? (coming soon!)

Is it stressful for puppies to fly by plane? (coming soon!)

What is the best age for a puppy to go to its new home? (coming soon!)

Why are puppy Temperament Evaluations important? (coming soon!)

Are there any health issues in the Tamaskan breed?

Are your adult breeding dogs health tested?

Do your puppies come with a health guarantee?

How much does a Sylvaen Tamaskan puppy cost?

What is included in the purchase price?

Why are transport costs not included in the purchase price?

How much do you charge for a stud fee?

Do you have a stud services contract?

What is rear-dewclaw removal and why is it important? (coming soon!)

What is your deworming schedule?

What is your vaccination protocol?

What is included in the Puppy Portfolio? (coming soon!)

What is a Neogen GeneSeek DNA Profile? (coming soon!)

What does Neogen GeneSeek Parentage Analysis mean? (coming soon!)

What is MyDogDNA and why is it important? (coming soon!)

Are your adult breeding dogs DNA tested?

Do you DNA test your puppies before they go to their new homes?

Do your puppies come with an ownership contract?

How should I care for my Tamaskan puppy?

Why is my Tamaskan puppy carsick and what can I do about it? (coming soon!)

Help... my Tamaskan has separation anxiety! What can I do about it? (coming soon!)

What should I feed my Tamaskan puppy?

Are there any products or brands that you recommend?