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Instagram accounts and Facebook fanpages / profiles / groups managed by owners of Sylvaen pups around the world... more will be added to this list as they become available!

Arya: Sylvaen Four-Leaf Clover in Austria

Pika (Sylvaen Pikachu) at Oslett Tamaskan in Ontario, Canada

Inouk (Sylvaen Growlithe) in France

Dany (Sylvaen Eevee) at Alegria Tamaskan in the Netherlands

Saga (Sylvaen Kunoichi) and Arek (Sylvaen Arryn) at Kennel Sepe-Suden in Finland

Tessen (Sylvaen Tessen) in North Carolina, USA

Selva (Sylvaen Neko-Te) at Taunus Tamaskans in Germany

Gru (Sylvaen Ninjato) in Zagreb, Croatia

Caedmon (Sylvaen Kunai) in North Carolina, USA

Kaya (Sylvaen Shuriken) and Luna (Sylvaen Northern Glow) at Storm King Tamaskan in New York, USA

Nagafen (Sylvaen Lord Nagafen) & Targa (Sylvaen Targaryen) & Zelda (Sylvaen Zelda) at del Bardial Tamaskans in Asturias, Spain

Akwa (Sylvaen Trakanon) in Austria

Reckless (Sylvaen Tarth) in Texas, USA

Loki (Sylvaen Baratheon) in Calgary, Canada

Lumos (Sylvaen Greyjoy) at Furry Road in France

Bosco (Sylvaen Martell) in Mexico

Dapper (Sylvaen Stark) in LA, USA

River (Sylvaen Boreal Halo) at Firefly Tamaskan in Texas, USA

Alaska (Sylvaen Cindersoot) in France

Azog (Sylvaen Zenith) in Vienna, Austria

Scout (Sylvaen Zoltan) in Salzburg, Austria

Thor (Sylvaen Nauglamír) in Colorado, USA

Ayla (Sylvaen Syrah) in Texas, USA

Tala (Sylvaen Cyclone) in Germany

Keiko (Sylvaen Tempest) and Senshin (Sylvaen Blizzard) at Canine Valley in Canada

Blue (Sylvaen Lightning) in Belgium

Tsume (Sylvaen Typhoon) in Austria

Skadi (Sylvaen Yalda Night) in Austria