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Quicksilver litter:

DOB: 30.03.2012

SIRE: Sampo (Alba Rhudaur)
DAM: Vega (Sylvaen Vatrena Lisica)

10 PUPPIES (5 males & 5 females):

Quicksilver Firescale (Djego) - GERMANY
Quicksilver Argentum (Namatj) - NETHERLANDS
Quicksilver Electrum (Drajen) - GREECE
Quicksilver Seolfor (Seo) - FRANCE
Quicksilver Sterling (Anju) - GERMANY
Quicksilver Silverflame (Lana) - AUSTRIA
Quicksilver Mercury Rising (Vala) - CROATIA
Quicksilver Pyrargyrite (Tana) - SLOVENIA
Quicksilver Silabar (Tamaani) - GERMANY
Quicksilver Argyria (Daya) - NETHERLANDS

While Vega was still living with her former owner (TDR registered breeder: Quicksilver) she had a litter with Sampo, which we helped to organize. We went to Germany with Vega's former owner when it was time for the mating to take place and we assisted with the mating as well as with the whelping of the pups when they were born. We also helped to care for the litter during the puppies' first few weeks and provided around-the-clock advice and assistance, as necessary. The puppies were registered with the Quicksilver kennel affix and we kept a female pup from this litter, Vala, for potential future breeding.