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Noble Grapes litter:

DOB: 03.08.2017

SIRE: Nero (Sylvaen Charmander)
DAM: Hinata (Sylvaen Katana)

8 PUPPIES (3 females & 5 males):

Sylvaen Airén (Purple) - RESERVED
Sylvaen Chardonnay (Pink) - RESERVED
Sylvaen Syrah (Red) - RESERVED
Sylvaen Merlot (Green) - AVAILABLE
Sylvaen Pinot Noir (White) - RESERVED
Sylvaen Riesling (Blue) - RESERVED
Sylvaen Sauvignon Blanc (Black) - RESERVED
Sylvaen Tempranillo (Yellow) - AVAILABLE

Hinata (Ziva) mated with Nero on 03.06.2017 and 04.06.2017.


Pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound scan on 02.07.2017.
Hinata (Ziva) had an x-ray on 31.07.2017 and we counted 7 puppies!!


PART 1 -- (Weeks 0-4)
Photos from weeks 0-4. Here are some photos from weeks 0-4.
PART 2 -- (Weeks 4-8)
Photos from weeks 4-8. Here are some photos from weeks 4-8.
PART 3 -- (Weeks 8-12)
Photos from weeks 8-12. Here are some photos from weeks 8-12.
PART 4 -- (at their new homes)
Photos of the pups at their new homes. Here are some photos of the pups at their new homes all over the world.