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Luck litter:

DOB: 05.10.2013

SIRE: Xantho (Blustag Elliot)
DAM: Vala (Quicksilver Mercury Rising at Sylvaen)

2 PUPPIES (both female):

Sylvaen Four-Leaf Clover (Arya) - AUSTRIA
Sylvaen Crimson (Crimson) - RIP

Vala was mated to Xantho on 10.08.2013 and 11.08.2013.
Pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound scan on 16.09.2013.


Three female puppies were born on 05.10.2013... sadly, the first puppy was stillborn (stuck too long in the birth canal). Shortly after birth, the two surviving female pups contracted a bacterial infection and despite our best efforts (antibiotics, around-the-clock bottle feeding, subcutaneous infusions, etc) the weaker puppy tragically died on 11.10.2013 at the age of 6 days old, which was devastating for us.

Fortunately, one female puppy ("Sylvaen Four-Leaf Clover") survived thanks to intensive emergency veterinary treatment. "Arya" (named after the Game of Thrones character) went to live at her new home in Austria at the age of 10 weeks old. Arya's personal Facebook Fanpage

FIRST WEEK -- (Day 0 - 7)
Photos of the first week. Here are some photos of the puppies' first week!
ARYA -- (Weeks 2 - 10)
Photos from the second week until the tenth week. Here are some photos of week 2 - week 10.