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Aurora litter:

DOB: 10.11.2015

SIRE: Zente (Invincible Zente Lords Of The White Shepherd) - outcross stud dog
DAM: Vega (Sylvaen Vatrena Lisica)

4 PUPPIES (all female):

Sylvaen Arctic Light (Aurora) - CROATIA
Sylvaen Northern Glow (Luna) - USA
Sylvaen Boreal Halo (River) - USA
Sylvaen Polar Aura (Ronja) - AUSTRIA

Vega had one mating with Zente (at 2am!) on 11.09.2015. Pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound scan on 07.10.2015. Vega's puppies were born on 10.11.2015 on the SAME day as Zora's litter!


Since Zora had 12 puppies and Vega only had 4, we decided to let Vega foster 4 of Zora's pups, so they each had 8 pups to feed and care for... you can see the photos in the Gallery below!

PART 1 -- (Weeks 0-6)
Photos from weeks 0-6. Here are some photos from weeks 0-6.
PART 2 -- (Foster Momma)
Vega fostering Zora's pups. Here are some photos of Vega fostering some of Zora's pups (4 males) in addition to her own pups (4 females).
PART 3 -- (Pups Together)
Vega and Zora's pups together. Here are some photos of Vega's pups together with Zora's pups.
PART 4 -- (Snow Pups)
Pups playing in snow. Here are some photos of the pups playing in the snow.
PART 5 -- (Weeks 7-16)
Photos from weeks 7-16. Here are some photos from weeks 7-16.
PART 6 -- (at their new homes)
Photos of the pups at their new homes. Here are some photos of the pups at their new homes all over the world.